My working papers are below:

Surprise and Default in General Equilibrium, revise and resubmit at Theoretical Economics (PDF, slides). When agents are unaware of future contingencies, they default unintentionally.

Level-k Predatory Trading, revise and resubmit at Journal of Mathematical Economics (PDF, slides). When you know a trader will sell, the predatory response is well understood. This paper characterizes the predatory response when you know a trader knows another will sell.

Non-Fundamental Volatility in Financial Markets (PDF, slides). Many traders believe the market has entered a new regime when, for example, the S&P 500 crosses the 4000 mark. This paper explains why and considers implications for asset prices.

Liquidity and Investment in General Equilibrium, with Nicolas Caramp and Julian Kozlowski (PDFslides). Transaction costs imply heterogeneous investor valuations of a firm’s stock; this complicates the firm’s problem of maximizing its valuation. In particular, this has implications for time consistency of the firm because stock buyers own stock tomorrow, while stock sellers do not.

Memorable Events in Financial Markets, with Andres Carvajal (PDF, slides). With heterogeneous memory, traders who recall bull markets buy and those who recall bear markets sell.